RegExp documentation in 3.1 Designer's Guide


  1. I love your guide.
  2. Could you update the description of regular expression syntax (and the associated table) to use =~ and !~? According to my experiments, those are the correct operators, and some of the ones listed do not work. Further, the example given has spaces around the pipes, which I don’t believe will result in a correct match in many instances. I think it would need to be $CurrentPlayer$ =~ Blue|Green|Red to work as indicated.
  3. Unrelated, I found that the trait ‘ObscuredToOthers’, and likely other system traits, is actually a string with values either ‘true’ or ‘false’ (uncapitalized), and not a boolean as I expected. It would have saved me a little bit of grief to know beforehand that I needed to check ‘ObscuredToOthers = true’, precisely that way, in property matches. I see now as I am writing this that all this time you have had that exact example on p. 14 - but one late night I kept looking at p. 13’s ‘True/False’ (capitalized). I mean I suppose it was only about 5 minutes before I just printed the thing out in a report. But, you know. Arduous 5 minutes.
  4. I love it. Thank you.


Thanks:) Those are good catches. I am working on a revision to the Guide right now (not much new information, but many clarifications) and will include your corrections in the next rev.

Why not simply CurrentPlayer =~ Blue|Green|Red ?

CurrentPlayer is supposed to contain either Blue, Green or Red, I presume… I don’t think the example is meant to imply that CurrentPlayer really contains the name of another variable containing in turn the strings Blue, Green or Red… or does it?

Yes, I was looking at the new version and realized my own mistake - it should be CurrentPlayer, not $CurrentPlayer$.