Release candidate for 3.2.1

Brent and I have fixed a handful of bugs in 3.2.0:

  • 9600: UnsupportedClassVersionError for net.iharder.Base64 on Java 5
  • 9596: Sub-commands list in SubMenu properties dialog doesn’t resize
  • 9595: DataArchive should not collect image filenames case-insensitively
  • 9593: NPE in GameRefresher.processGamePiece()
  • 9589: NPE in Embellishment.myGetKeyCommands()
  • 9555: NoSuchFieldError in ExpressionInterpreter.evaluate()
  • 9511: NPE in BooleanConfigurer.setValue()
  • 4159: NPE in javax.swing.BoxLayout.preferredLayoutSize()

We’ve had enough reports for 9555 in the past two weeks that it’s made it into our top 20 most reported bugs, and 4159 is the most reported bug of all time for VASSAL (and it wasn’t even our bug! I submitted a patch to MigLayout…) Bug 9600 completely breaks net play for anyone still using Java 5 (should only be people on old Macs).

3.2.1-svn8477 is what I propose we release as 3.2.1: