Release candidate for 3.2.3

We’ve accumulated quite a number of bug fixes since 3.2.2:

  • 10000: IllegalArgumentException in Embellishment.setValue()
  • 9997: NPE in RegionGrid.addRegion()
  • 9990: Cannot customise Reverse Order text on a Deck
  • 9967: Reversed stacking order when dropping a stack onto an expanded stack
  • 9918: NPE in BeanShellExpressionConfigurer.addProp()
  • 9910: ESC key interpreted as “No” instead of “Cancel” at save prompts
  • 9905: User Guide item missing from Help menu
  • 9882: ImageIO munges colors of 3-component JPEGs without JFIF markers
  • 9864: Toolbar menu w/ Inventory Items autoexpands permanently when switching players
  • 9825: Macs with Retina displays unable to paint map tiles at non-power-of-two zoom levels
  • 9823: No entry allowed for Peek command
  • 9717: ClassCastException: javax.swing.KeyStroke cannot be cast to NamedKeyStroke in ADC2 converter
  • 9700: Unit activation improperly recorded
  • 9681: NPE in Zone.getMutablePropertiesContainerId()
  • 9648: ConcurrentModificationException in Map.drawBoardsInRegion()
  • 9555: NoSuchFieldError in ExpressionInterpreter.evaluate()
  • 4803: NoSuchElementException in Footprint.draw()

Three of these (9648, 9555, 10000) were in the top 10 most reported bugs. 9825 provides a workaround for a severe rendering problem with newer Macs. 9967 fixes a very old stacking bug. I’d like to get these fixes in a release soon so that we stop getting reports about them.

Please try 3.2.3-svn8604 and let us know whether it works for you.

I’m particularly interested whether the Mac app bundle works, as I’ve had a report that recent Mac builds don’t start, and also whether there are modules which break due to the fix for 9648. (We’ve already found one, the 1914: Twilight in the East module—but any module which has custom code subclassing Board might be at risk.)