Release candidate for 3.2.4

These bugs are fixed in 3.2.4-svn8629:

  • 10054: Add option to clear tile cache to Module Manager
  • 10053: JPEGs with APP14 tags are incorrectly color-corrected by fix for Bug 9882
  • 10016: P2P Client/Server modes do not work in 3.2.2
  • 10012: NPE in EnumeratedPropertyPrompt.getNewValue()
  • 9969: IllegalArgumentException in MapShader.PatternOp ctor
  • 9823: No entry allowed for Peek command
  • 9700: Unit activation improperly recorded

Since a few of these are rather serious (10053, 9700), I’d like to release this as 3.2.4 soon.

Please try 3.2.4-svn8629 and report back here indicating whether you found problems.