Release candidate for 3.2.8

There are a few pressing problems corrected in 3.2.8-svn8790:

  • 10317: 3-component JPEGs without JFIF markers where color components are differently subsampled are incorrectly color-corrected by fix for Bug 9882
  • 10298: Exception: TurnTracker.level_error in TurnComponent.getTurnLevel()
  • 10279: Report State failed to perform inner commands before its own command
  • 10266: ConcurrentModificationException at
  • 3294: IOException writing preferences at startup on Mac OS
  • 2727: NPE in ReadOnlyPrefs ctor
  • 2587: Manager and Player preferences get out of step

Additionally, we’ve reverted the fix for Bug 2714 (NPE in StackMetrics.merge()), as it caused many new problems.

Preferences storage has been rewritten, which is the solution for Bugs 2587, 2727, 3294, and 10266. As this is a rather major change, we need testers to try 3.2.8-svn8790 before we release 3.2.8. 3.2.8-svn8790 is available here: