releassing 3.1.0 on Saturday

Unless there are objections, I propose that we release 3.1.0-svn5170 (after appropriate version number modification) as 3.1.0 on Saturday, 28 February.

If anyone knows of a reason why this build should not be released as 3.1.0, speak now or forever hold your pieces. :slight_smile:

Ive just found a small reporting issue regarding saved games when loading
module/save game initially (see below). It shouldn’t hold up 3.1 but is
probably an easy fix with the version comparison code
It may be head scratching for some users

Combat Commander: Europe version 2.0

  • Extension 1. Combat Commander - Mediterranean v2.0 loaded
  • Extension 2. Battle Pack 0 - European Nations v2.0 loaded
  • Extension 3. Battle Pack 1 - Paratroopers v2.0 loaded
  • Extension 4. Battle Pack 2 - Stalingrad v2.0 loaded
  • Game saved with version 1.90 of extension ‘4. Battle Pack 2 -
    Stalingrad’, you are running version 2.0. Please upgrade to the latest
    version of this extension.

As you can see from the text reporting it some how thinks the newer version
is out of date in some way

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