Reluctant Enemies

I bought this game a few weeks ago with the thought that I will eventually get and play the larger OCS titles. No experience on Vassal. Limited experience with OCS up to about 15 years ago. Now entering my-ahem- golden years and I’m looking for a hobby. EST but I have plenty of time and flexibility.

I’ve run through the example game and played another solitaire. I know the rules but solitaire is not much fun and it’s not the way to learn. Any level of experience welcome.


Hi Barry,
I have not used Vassal as of yet and would like to learn. I have played a good bit of OCS in the past - almost all solitaire, so I’m looking forward to a real match. Haven’t gotten RE yet, but will order soon; so if you’re willing, let’s give it a go. I am on CST.