Removal of "VASSAL Version" column from the Module Manager

I just noticed PR #692, removing the VASSAL Version column from the Module Manager. Personally, I find that column quite helpful as a module developer, letting me know quickly and easily which version of VASSAL I used for each version of the module I’m working on.

I would like to request that the column not be removed, unless it’s actually causing problems somewhere…

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It is causing a lot of confusion with some users who seem to think that it is the Vassal version required to run a module, not the version the module was created with.

Rather than removing the column, perhaps we need a preference to display the column that defaults to off?

I had a similar thought and concern as the OP. A preference would be good if that column needs to be suppressed for the general users.

What if we added a properties dialog instead, accessible from the context menu on each module entry? Making display of the column toggleable doesn’t address the fundamental problem, viz. that an accurate description of the column contents cannot fit in the column header.

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sounds good. maybe the property could display via mouse-over (if that meets your goal and it’s not too OS-dependent / excessively time consuming).


Follow-up: There is a preference for displaying the version a module was created with in 3.5.1.

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And it will also show the date the module was last saved.

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