Remove Unused Images Extensions

It’s possible there is a bug in the “Remove Unused Images” function when using extensions. I lose images that are definitely in use, but are only used in an extension. It doesn’t seem to matter if the extension is activated or not. It appears the image is removed if the only node that uses it is an extension node. Has anyone noticed this?

When you are editing a module, no extensions can be loaded, so yes, if you have an image in your module that is not used in that module, it will be flagged for deletion.

I would suggest either

a) removing the images in question and placing them in the extension.
b) create a dummy piece that uses the image in the module.


Thank you. In this case, I’m just adding back the images into the extension it’s not a big job.

There’s no mention of this interaction in the documentation. Maybe a little asterisked warning is in order. Until I experienced this, I wasn’t really tracking what images were in which archive.