Removing unused predefined setup files

I have a suggestion for future Vassal module versions:
In addition to the ‘Remove Unused Images’ feature in the Editor, a companion ‘Remove Unused Predefined Setups’ would be equally useful, to remove earlier versions of playtest setups and keep module size under control for monster games.
Right now, I remove such unused predefined setups after converting the vmod file to zip file, and it takes me a long time to do so. On top of that, I most recently starting getting an error message (Error 0x80004005: Unspecified error) that precludes me from removing unused predefined setups anymore. I’m not sure whether this could be related to v3.6.x, as I had no such issues with v3.5.8.
Thanks Herman

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Please post the error log if you want us to look into this.

I went thru the same laborious process when I started, but someone pointed out a great shortcut…

Most zip utilities (e.g., 7-zip) will allow you to open an .vmod archive directly, then just click on the setup file you want to delete and press the delete key… Then close the archive…

No need to change the extension from .vmod to .zip and back again…

Right click on module.vmod
Select 7-Zip/Open Archive
Select file to delete
Press delete key
Close Archive


Processing: Vassal error.png…
Very helpful…thanks!

Were you trying to post an image? It looks like you didn’t succeed.

I was simply thanking Korval for his helpful post, not posting any images.
I assume any confusion arose from my lack of familiarity with the forum software.
Sorry, Herman