Renaming tokens

Without going into what module I’m using - unless that is necessary to the discussion - I’d like to pose a question for programmers out there. I’m no where near your capabilities, finding myself being something less than a beginner in this, but there’s one simple thing I would like to do. I’m interested in modifying an existing module to rename my ‘units’ when I’m going through the army creation list. I’ll make an example.

After picking out what map to play on, I’d like to drag my team into the ‘set up area’ of my lists (which is a button tab in the module that pops a window for organization purposes. I’d like a prompt to, when dragging new units from the list to the set up area, allows me to rename that particular model for what I see fit. So, rather than just having all ‘infantry’ units named ‘infantry,’ I can customize it for a bit more flair with something like ‘101st.’ I want it so this text is not always visible, but rather becomes visible when your mouse is over the unit.

I’ve seen it done in other modules, I just don’t have the technical know-how to do it myself. I am hoping that there is a way to cut and paste your responses into the existing module, which I can then update and send to my friends for our private sessions of playing. Thank you very much!

Additionally, if it’s just easier, how can I add a ‘rename option’ to the right-clicking of the character drop-down menu? Would it have to be universally added in to each of the model icons, or can I do it as a global change?

You can add a Dynamic Property trait to each unit. Call it something like Unit_Name

Add a new key command with the following information

Menu Command - Change Name
Key Command - CTRL 1
Type - Prompt User
Prompt - Enter Unit Name

When you right-click the piece, you can select the Change Name option in the menu and enter a new name for your unit.

Each piece can also have a Text Label trait. In the “Text” entry at the top, you would type in $Unit_Name$. This text label will now display the name of the unit. You can size and fit where you want the label to go on the piece.

I’m not quite sure how you can have the name only appear when you hold a mouse over it …I’ve never tried to do that before …but I’m sure someone here can give you some advice on that.