Report Action bug with cycle through messages checkbox

When unchecking the “Cycle through different messages” and then saving and opening the trait again, the checkbox will stay checked unless one clears all messages in the list first.

Tested with Vassal 3.6.1

Try an VASSAL-3.6.2-SNAPSHOT-68dff36-UncheckCycleBox build. Does that solve the problem for you?

That fixes it.

However, note that if defining an unique message and saving, then opening again to check “Cycle through different messages”, then defining a few messages and saving, and then opening back the trait and un-checking the box… then the previously defined single message is still there and does not need to be entered again, which is nice. However, the converse is not true: if saving now with the box unchecked and opening the trait again, then checking the box, all the previously defined messages in the list are gone.