Report Action question

flaney here;

How are multiple report actions sequenced when they are triggered from several pieces all set in motion by one initial trigger?

for example, a unit moves into a hex occupied by an enemy. This movement triggers a move report “ship moves to hex -A7”. The enemy piece is activated by a range=0 [GKC] (overrun). If the terrain is favorable, the enemy unit moves out of the hex and reports “forced to retreat”.

In the message window, “forced to retreat” prints 1st, then “ship moves to hex -A7”.

How do I reverse this output so that it reads top down and makes sense?

What are the rules for Report Actions?


I’ve noticed no one responded to this one so I’m going to bump it as I’m curious myself.

In my game, a player may have to pass through a hazard that requires a safety check. The game checks to see if the player has suffered any injury and reports it. It then checks to see if any of the player’s companions have died and reports that.

In my case, even though the commands involved are in the proper trait order, the game always reports on the companions first and then reports whether my primary character has suffered damage.

I hadn’t brought this up before as this isn’t a problem for me …I need to see both reports anyway and it really doesn’t matter what order they are displayed in but I can see where that would be a problem with having the game report a piece retreating before reporting that the piece has moved into a location it’s supposed to be retreating from.

Does anyone know why the report system would behave this way and how to prevent it?