Report Format for Property Sheet

Is there a way to report what is changing in the property sheet? I have a label on a game piece that is tied to the property sheet. I want to edit the property sheet not the label and have something reported. Is there a way to do this?

The reporter doesn’t work because it reports prior to anything being changed in the property sheet

Use a TA - change prop sheet, then execute report trait of new prop

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How exactly do I do that? I created a Trigger Action that triggered Property Window then a command that a report action was listening for.

All this did was open the window and immediately fire the report. It didn’t wait for the property window to close.

Did I misunderstand?

Nope, you got it right. I didn’t understand this was a manual input so it
wont work. One way to put a pause in the TA is to use the DP prompt query
Don’t know if this would work though as I don’t mess with Psheets
But I might try something like

Trigger fires CTRL 1, CTRL 2, CTRL 3
CTRL 1 execute DP query (input new prop value - pauses sequences waiting for
user input)
CTRL 2 set the property in Psheet to value from DP (PsheetProperty =
CTRL 3 report the DP property or Psheet property

A quick look at Psheet though it doesn’t look promising that this would work
either. The Psheet trait would appear at glance to be very limited in its
trait interaction

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Thanks for the input. I just wanted to make sure before I went muddling around in code to see if I could fix it.