Republic of Rome


is anybody interested in a Republic of Rome multiplayer campaign ?

Cheers, Klaus

Hi Klaus,

A group of friends and I were thinking about starting a game. We are already 6 players but if anyone drops I ll keep you posted.

Thanks !

Drop me a mail in case somebody leaves your team.

Cheers, Klaus

I am interested in RoR. How about we start an new team?

Hi Ed.

Good idea. Two of my friends would join us, but we´d still need a participant who owns the original game. A party of 5-6 would be perfect.

Cheers, Klaus

I own both and want to play again. Either Live on the server or by Email.


Hi David.

Count me in. Assume 1-3 of my friends would like to join us.
I´ll check that out. Please drop me a mail and include your email address
( don´t post it on the forum :slight_smile:). Please check Ed´s thread too, guess he would like to join us.

Cheers, Klaus

I have the game but havent played it in awhile but would be very interested.


I would like to join a game if anyone is able to let me in. I am new to Vassal, but learn fast.


we need an experienced RoR player to moderate our first multiplayer campaign. The most challenging task is to organize the sequence of gaming. PBEM and online combined ? PBEM only ? I´m familiar with the rules and with Vassal online gaming, but RoR is quite different, as the forum and senate phase most likely need some live input.

Cheers, Klaus


I am looking for players to start a RoR game. There is 3-4 of us currently, so could use 2-3 players. New and experienced players all welcome, but some knowledge of the rules would be appreciated. Sessions would be held at night 9- 10 pm CET. A couple of turns per session would be the objective. Weekends we might be able to fit in more turns. The game would go live, since PbEM seems a bit clumsy for RoR. All in all we just wanna play a nice and friendly game of RoR, with the usual amount of backstabbing.

Awaiting your applications:


Thus spake Burn:

All in all wejust wanna play a nice and friendly game of RoR

You nearly made my coffee come out my nose by calling RoR “friendly”.


I mentioned the usual amount of backstabbing though.

The game can be friendly; as in fry your friend to the end.

Ok, I’m in although I am 9 hours behind you and it would bee noon here. Weekends would work out best for me now.

North Vancouver

can a noob to RoR join in. I just bought all theses games in the series…I should read more carefully that it was a Berg game.
At very leasat I would love to ‘watch’ listen to a live session? Would you mind if I did that? I promise to drink quietly in the corner like a drunk poet!!

I would really love to take part. I have the game, played it several times and quite confident with the rules but in real life people are not too easy to find for this monster. The problem is, I’m not sure if I will be able to join every day.