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It would be nice to be able to add more than one location to send a deck to. Right now a deck can have a context menu to move it to another deck
however there is no way to have multiple destinations. It would be nice to have a submenu or just multiple context menus that can be set up to allow a deck to be sent to different locations.

Example, the game has decks the user can choose to “send to table”. Either a sub context menu to allow which player’s deck to send it to, OR simply a property on the deck that allows multiple options for this. So the context menu would be “Send to Player 1”, “Send to Player 2”, and so on.

I have added

RFE [2813698] Context menu to move deck to more than one place

for this.

This is a good idea. The Send to Deck option needs to be broken out of the core deck code and added as a sub-component, similiar to the way Deck Global Key Commands work.


That make a whole lot more sense!!! I went looking through the code and was trying to find out how to elegantly add it. It was turning into a mess to say the least. I will take another pass through the code to see if I can do this myself. I assume it would be an easy task for you? (along with the 1000 other tasks that are on your plate)
Anything to look out for as I attempt to make this change? Any basic design that would work the best? I was going to basically duplicate the Global Key command except with different options. What seems more elegant would be a sub menu that would be “Send to …” and then a child context menu that had the list of decks. Is that doable with this current code base?

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On 29/06/2009 at 9:13 PM vbbartlett wrote:

The big problem is going to be backward compatibility. Easiest way would be to leave the existing ‘Send to’ stuff as is, but add the extra child sent-to’s.

That is a good way to get started. Follow the same pattern and record the child send-to’s in the dummy deck, then just use them to build additional KeyCommands in Deck.myGetKeyCommand().

Could be tricky. Deck just generated KeyCommands, I’m not sure where the menu is actually built.


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