Request for playmates

I see that there are not a lot of ongoing topics of people wishing to play any games. Found this magical ‘‘Vassal’’ engine by accident, wanted to ask, would there be people interested of playing a board game or few a week/month? I’ve been checking online game browser, and I saw that a lot of games only had 1-2 players in them, so basicaly '‘solo’'ing by themselves. Instead of me doing the same, I would like to invite others to play. I personaly do not care what types of games, as long as they do not require voice chat (text chat is okay lol), I would however like to play “World of warcraft the board game” or “Small world” at some point.
So the option is out there, if anyone is interested of playing ANY type of board game for funsies, please let me know here :3


Hi there Sty,

Just having a browse and saw that no-one had ever responded to your post. So I’ll quickly share my experience of the site:

The basic engine is fantastic, whether playing in real time via the server, or pbem and exchanging vlog or vsav files. Some games modules have bugs, but most of them are very well supported by the developers so you can get them fixed, albeit not perhaps to help with the game you found the problem in.

I generally play pbem as it means I can do a turn when I have the time, ideally every day or other day. And so I prefer games like EuroFront II where you have to do a lot in your turn without input from your opponent, compared with say Command & Colours Ancients where there is a lot of interaction so each file doesn’t move you very far forward.

A couple of games often have people visiting the server looking for opponents to play in real time. The Command & Colours series is one, but Twilight Struggle seems to be the biggest one for that.

But as I usually play pbem I post under the Opponents Wanted section from time to time, rather than go on the server. And I usually find some new people to game with and chat to.

Hope this is of use. As for games I am really only looking to play wargames on Vassal, as I can play other types of board/card games locally or with my family.


If you can get your head out of fantasy-world, and want to learn to play some wargames, I’ll play with you.

i will play anything anytime with anyone. pm me.

If you’d ever be interested in Pirates Constructible Strategy Game, let me know.


I am new around here and am looking to play boardgames.

I am particularly interested in playing “Empires in Arms”, but am available for all types of games.


I can relate. I like to play mostly historical battle/campaign/strategic games, especially multi-player strategic games, but they’re hard to arrange. I prefer VASSAL/Skype, either online or PBEM. PM if you’re interested.

Yeah, me too!

I like WWII games, but can only really do pbem. Russian Front is a good module. I don’t mind helping with rules and making logs. I’m always available for a game.

I meant Russian Campaign.

Would you be interested in a game of Ukraine '43? If it’s all the same to you I would prefer the Russians. I find it an interesting study in logistics.

I’ll check it out for PBEM play. Might be interested.

I like WWII games, but can only really do pbem. Russian Front is a good module. I don’t mind helping with rules and making logs. I’m always available for a game.

I like larger scale games generally. Full campaigns. AH Russian Campaign, Hitler’s War, or 3rd Reich are more my thing. Also Ukraine 43 is a little complex for my taste.

you might want to post to the forum ‘Opponents Wanted’; you’re likely to get a better response.

Estoy interesado en jugar algún OCS o BCS con jugadores dispuestos a aprender. Quiero interiorizarme en los sistemas. Soy de Buenos Aires Argentina y aquí hay pocos jugadores, porque hay pocos o ningún wargame. Preferentemente que sepan español ya que para dialogar si uno no maneja bien las reglas es lo conveniente