Request For SPI Quads Via Vassal

I would be intersted in playing many of SPI’s Quad games via VASSAL mail, especially games from the Blue and Gray series

As in what quads? Since there are several eras represented from Napoleonic’s on.

Your choice Chuck S. You choose the quad and the game. I’ll choose the side.

Do you consider Napoleon’s Last Battles a Quad? If so I like to balance it by using combined arms, force units out of command to suffer AE’s if rolled otherwise AR is the result and finally a house rule that allows brigades in the same hex to attack different hexes.

Well, I’ve played the individual games of this quad, but never the four map campaign. I’ve played the current Decision Games rules for Blue and Gray that allow stacked units a hex to attack different hexes just like you’re proposing here and it changes many of the individual Blue and Gray Quad games drastically.

If you haven’t found an opponent, or room for another Quad game, I would be interested in the NLB quad, preferably the 4 map quad.

Wurzburg from Modern Battles I. Your choice of I pick the scenario, you pick the side or you pick the scenario and I pick the side. Will need to be PBeM as whereas I do have some free time I don’t tend to know in advance and can easily be interrupted.

Hello. Joe Grills from Rhode Island here. I’d be more than happy to play the Soviets. Please tell me what version of VASSAL you are using and if there are any Wurzburg modules other than the module on the site you’re intesrested in using, that’s fine too. We have to agree on how to handle FPF.

May I recommend Scenario 2 it is balanced Scenarios 3 and 4 are unbalanced and Scenario 1 has a draw condition that occurs too often for my tastes. Your choice of side. Vassal 3.6…10 but have played people using 3.2.17 without issues. Have Wurzburg v1.2 module if you prefer.Never knew there was a module on the VASSAL site.

As to FPF I am old and played PBM with two week+ turn around time. The US will always knock out the Russian FPF once the get Air so no time lost there. It is important to proper US defense that we just do 1 combat at a time. Do you want to roll in the module or set up a generic module on ACTS to do rolls and game related mail?


Hello Andy. I would like to play scenario 2 as the Americans. The latest edition of Vassal that I am using is 3.19. I am also using the vmod found here: Category:Simulations Publications, Inc. - Vassal ( Please look under “W” for Wurzburg. I have no problem doing one combat at at a time. I am a member of ACTS and am familar with the die rolling procedure there. Could you please use my alternate e-mail ( Rhode Island@ to contact me so we can procede. Joe

Happy to play Napoleon’s last battles (any battle or the campaign)

CET time. Discord or Telegram or Whatsapp for voice