requesting names, how?

how do i get the module to request players names, and the let the choose a side? I cannot find it anywhere.

Not sure what you mean by ‘request player names’.

Sides are defined by adding Side names to the ‘Definition of Player Sides’ component.


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some games i just “start new game” and choose a side, others that i play want a name , password and confirmation.

All modules will ask for a name and password when first logging in, and then remember it later so you don’t have to keep re-entering it. The name/password only needs to be entered once. (You can change it under preferences later, if you want.)

However, if sides are defined in a module, you get prompted for the side every time you launch the game. (Not all modules define sides.)

Is it possible you’re looking at modules that you’ve logged into already? If so, then you won’t get asked to reenter the name and password later, just the side you want to play.