Resizing "Properties" windows doesn't extend text fields

G’day all,

I’m not sure if this is a bug or intended behaviour but I have found a difference between the way Vassal 3.1.20 and the latest 3.2 build (VASSAL 3.2.0-svn8359) deal with resizing “Properties” window dialogs.

For example, when editing a Report action property in 3.1.20, when you resize the window by dragging the right edge of the window to the right, the text field will expand to the right so that you can type out a long report and see it in full.

Whereas in VASSAL 3.2.0-svn8359, resizing the window in the above manner only makes the window larger, but leaves the text fields at their original size. Thus you are forced to use the one sized text field for editing which makes it harder to edit long reports.

This behaviour exists in other Property windows also, it is not isolated to the Report action property.

I have submitted this as bug 4788.



An unintended side effect of updating the layout manager on those windows. I will look after this.

Fix committed to Brent-3.2-New@8362

Thus spake Brent Easton:

Fix committed to Brent-3.2-New@8362

Merged to trunk@8366.

Try 3.2.0-svn8367 or later:


Build 3.2.0-svn8367 works.

I’ve noticed that this bug also still occurs in the “Expression builder” window.

Thus spake LB:

I’ve noticed that this bug also still occurs in the “Expression builder”

Try 3.2.0-svn8412 or later. This contains some additional fixes Brent
made for dialog resizing.