Resolution problem


I just created a deck card inside a map window and I added just one card to then drag it on board map. The deck shows the hidden card, but when I drag it to the board it shows the playable face of the card. The basic piece image used has the same resolution of the mask one, but after drag it on the board, the playable face it seems to be smallest. Any idea of would could happen? I’m very beginner designing a module.

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Does anyone know about this? I’m waiting for your help.

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I do not have much experience, but seeing that nobody else has replied, I’ll give you my 5c. Yes, your problem seems unlikely, so first you must be 100% sure that it is real. If the image resolution really is the same, it could perhaps be a problem with transparency? Are they both png’s?

You could test it by swapping the images and see if it is still the case that one side is smaller than the other, and if it is the same side.