Restrict players sides for map flare

Hello, I would like to be able to restrict player sides for the map flare.

We’re a community who mainly play in realtime and right now observers are able to interfere too much.

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I think a better implementation would be for the players to have the option to limit observers, rather than disallow it.

The ability to “mute” observers would also be good (i.e., they can watch, but not make comments).

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The problem with that would be if one person mutes but the other doesn’t. That would give the United person an unfair advantage.

Solution for this would be that if one player mutes observers stay muted no matter what the other player think.

Den mån 12 sep. 2022 00:59Korval via Vassal <> skrev:

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What I was suggesting wouldn’t work like what you describe.

I’m suggesting that any non-observer player, should have the ability to mute (disable flares, etc) an individual or all observers. Once done, that would affect not just the player who did it, it would affect the observer for all players.

I generally agree that players should be able to control observers. However, in many games (assuming non-disruptive observers), the observers may provide desirable feedback.

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