Resuming An On-Line Game

Could somebody please explain - in easy steps - how to resume an online game, say the day after it was started.
Firstly, do all players have to save it after each session?
When everyone wants to play the next day, is it
“Start a new game offline” (I think not)
“Look for a game online”
“Load saved game”
I think it is the last one, but does only one player enter “Load saved game”? What do the others enter?
Say I “Loaded saved game”, and connected to the server, how EXACTLY do the others re-join? I ask, because if I do that, no game file appears in any box so that there is no games room for others to join. Do the others have to re-synchronise?

Please help this extremely stupid player :unamused: .

Thus spake “lodge1954”:

No, it’s only necessary for one player to save, but it’s not a bad
idea if more than one player does, so that there isn’t just one
copy of the save file.

This dialog is confusing and will be gone in 3.1.0.

The player who loaded the game needs to create a room on the server.
The other players can just hit cancel and join the room that the player
who loaded the game creates. Everyone except the player who loaded the
game need to synchronize with that player.


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