Return to Deck works on Solo, not with any Player sides [Solved]


This topic was originally asking how to solve a problem I had, but with a bit of direction, I solved it, so I would like to share my solution.

First, I was going to post this:

I have been proto-typing a game for awhile now and have been testing the entire game out on the player side “Solo”. I am almost ready to add other players, so I have been testing out the player side functions and came across a problem.

On each player card I have 16 decks- that is, 16 places to stack my units and return them as necessary. Of these sixteen, only the pieces from one deck would return when playing a specific side. But all of them would work when I was playing the “Solo” side. I tried looking at how this deck was different, but in the end, it did not even matter if I dropped the pieces of one deck into another, and nothing mattered.


There was a clash of names it would seem within the folders containing the pieces. I first redirected my non-working pieces to the the working deck. It worked. I then changed the name of one of the non-working decks- now it worked. While each deck was named differently from the other decks, the same deck names were the same across player hands. This was causing some clashing in the background within vassal- where does it put it?

As an example, there was a deck called “Troops (40)”. All players had a deck with the same name within their own hand. Once I changed the name, say to “Blue Troops (40)”, Voila, it worked. Player 1, Blue, was now functioning as it ought.

But why did the leaders work, but not the other decks? Looking back, it did not exactly work. Instead, when I returned the leader pieces to their player’s deck, they did not stack with the deck, but only on the deck as a separate deck, although I was using the “return to deck” function, not the “send to location”. Within that decks properties I had for board location “any”, rather than “Player 1”. Maybe that had something to do with it? Yet then again, I had accidently done the same with some other decks, and those did not work.

So that was my solution- Make sure folders of similar names were named slightly different for each player.