reversible board

A board in a module I am working on has a “reversible” board. However I cannot work out what this does.

The board has some writing in one direction and some in another, has the two players are meant to sit opposite each other. So it would be nice for the two players to be able to orient the boards in opposite ways. I guess that is too much to ask for however as it would significantly complicate everything.

There is no board rotation feature at this time.

Thanks. I thought so. That still leaves the first part of my question unanswered. One board in the main window of a module has a checkbox labelled “reversible” in the module editor. I could not work out why.

Unfortunately that tickbox isn’t documented, but a bit of searching indicates it gives you a one-time 180 degree rotation of a board during game setup. All players still view things the same way and it can’t be modified in-game, apparently.