Right-ways Delete passes through from file dialog to main edit window

Long-standing issue affecting MacOS (at least)

The right-ways delete button (or Fn+Backspace) is ignored within file save dialogs and instead passed through to the editor with potentially disastrous consequences, if it goes unnoticed.

This request is for the button to instead operate within the file save dialog or at least be completely ignored there, and not passed through to the editor main window.

Issue #11559.

A little more investigation… MacOS has no problem with right-ways delete in other applications, such as Save As… from the Text Editor app. What surprised me though is that Copy / Paste shortcuts also work in other apps (I have been using Vassal so much more than other apps that I’ve taken it to be normal than Copy/Paste didn’t work in file name dialog boxes).

So this seems to be a more general conflict between the shortcuts claimed by the editor (see screenshot) and the ability of those shortcuts to work in a local text edit box in the file dialog.

This aberrant behaviour also applies to the player in its create / save file dialogues. Except if the player alone is active (normal situation), the delete key works fine, just Cmd+C / Cmd+X / Cmd+V are rejected.

Perhaps some one can kindly confirm if this problem is observed on PC or Linux as well, or not.

I don’t know the internals - needless to say - but is there some way to assert the file dialogues priority on these basic shortcuts (Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete) and not have them passed back to the parent (editor or player) window ?

Despite training myself to avoid the fatal key when I am in a file dialogue, I continue to forget occasionally and lose work. I’m going to get a friend to help prove if this thing affects Windows and then I’ll be back begging for a fix.

With @tompk’s help, I’ve confirmed that this flaw does not affect Windows (I presume, Linux is not affected either).

@felix-seattle this is one of a couple of Mac related keyboard fails that I’m aware of in Vassal. The other is failure to recognise the right Option key for hotkeys (issue #11476). Is there any chance you might look at one or both of these for v3.5.8 ?