Rise and decline of the Third Reich beginner

Does anyone play rise and decline of the third reich? I am looking for someone who will play a learning game with me.

Ahh perfect!

Im soloing this game currently and would be happy to give it a go by email


If you don’t mind being Allies go ahead and setup first
If you wanna be axis then let me know and Ill setup Poland and allies

4th edition rules

Heres a link to the module I am using

Its the basic 3R module on bottom…don’t use air bases they stick to the map. I use BRP counters on the map for air counters

Im guessing 39 campaign?

As it is my first game both on vassal and with third reich…it might be best if you set up first. If you do not mind. And don’t be afraid to call out anything that I miss. :slight_smile: I am not sure if I have a 4th edition rulebook. But am happy to play whatever. Thanks!


email sent to mara

We’ll be starting soon =)