RSS is now almost useless - at least to me

The reason I am fond of RSS is that I don’t have to frequent the many forums I am a member of every day to find new posts. Instead I just receive the post in my mailbox and can delete those, I am not interested in.

This worked fine with the old forum, but not any more. Sure, every time a new topic is created, I receive an update containing the text and a link to the thread on the website. When someone posts an answer i get nothing.

So I am back to clicking the link in the message to check whether there are any updates - in many cases I am just wasting my time, as there may be no answers yet.

For me this totally defeats the purpose of using RSS.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a configuration, you have chosen for the board?
The feed URL I would use for this category would be:


What have you tried exactly? I can’t tell from your description what you’re doing and what’s not working for you.

The RSS feed for anything on the site is fetchable by appending .rss to the URL. E.g., gives you the feed for #technical-support-bugs.

Is what you’re looking for Vassal - Latest posts maybe?

I have edited my question, so the feed URL is readable. You may have seen my question before that.

I use the the same URL as the one, you suggest.
I am not saying the feed is not working - just that I only get an update whenever a new topic is created - never when new messages in that topic are posted. This could very well be by design. Either by the developers of the board - or as an option chosen by you guys.

Didn’t know that one - will give it a try…

There are no RSS settings in Discourse that I’ve seen.

You could hunt around on to see what they say about how the various RSS feeds are intended to work and report back.

A few minutes of playing with an RSS reader suggests to me that you want Vassal - Latest posts, which is what lifrea discovered from the just the main forum URL.

Thx for your help and suggestion. I do get every new post via the latest post feed.

It is however still a big step backwards compared to the old system. I cannot chose what categories, I am interested in. And everything arrives helter skelter with no real options of sorting.

But I can probably live with that. I have to, I guess :laughing:

You can get individual categories. E.g.: Module Design - Vassal

Go to a category page, append .rss to the URL.

We are going in circles now :slight_smile:
My original complaint was that rss feeds from the individual categories only delivers the first post in each topic. I never get the follow up posts.

I’ve asked in the Discourse forum.

It appears that category organized by latest post isn’t implemented. Discourse accepts code contributions, so if you’re interested, you could implement it or find someone to implement it and contribute that back.

I am here because of vassal - not for some circumstantial software, that I frankly don’t like very much. Should I choose to contribute, I would much prefer to do it to Vassal itself.

Should the above sound rude, rest assured it is not meant that way. English is not my native language…

No problem, I’m just following the trail to the end.