Rule enforcement?

I am completely new to Vassal, though I have looked at it in the past. I understand that game rules are not enforced, unless it is implemented by the module builder. Some modules have a form of rules enforcement, I think of Twilight Struggle.
Is there a way to find out which modules enforce rules? I have a preference for such modules.
Similiar questions for the option to PBM. I understand Twilight Struggle is not well suited for PBM, but are there modules which are very well suited for PBM?


Very good idea, I second that.

It could be nice to categorize modules in at least 3 types, which users could sort on:

Type A : standard board game port, no rule enforcement, turn tracking, etc. Players do all the work as in a physical game.

Type AA: some automatization such as setup, rule enforcement, turn tracking etc. Players still do most of the work.

Type AAA: complete automatization and rule enforcement, like a computer game (in the limits of the Vassal GUI)

Are there any AAA modules out there already though?