Run VASSAL on Android

Hi all,

I’ve put together a guide on How to run VASSAL on Android, which the Wiki moderators have kindly accepted.

Be warned, it is not a simple Click’n’Run operation, but with a bit of work and patience you can get VASSAL to run on your Android phone or tablet in one hour or even less. The procedure does not require a rooted device, or similar.

Below is a screenshot of VASSAL running on an Android phone. Hope you will find the guide useful.


Looks good. One suggestion: you might want to suggest using a PGP public/private key pair instead of a password for VNC, as that should be significantly more secure (and doesn’t require remembering a password). I don’t currently recall the details for how to set that up, but I’ve used it with VNC quite a bit myself to remote into my various Linux & Windows systems in the past.

I just made a few typo corrections and submitted the page for review, FYI.

I also just realized that I don’t think you told the user to use chmod to make the vnc script executable, which I believe is necessary for that to work.



I’ve updated the page (awaiting moderation) so as to point to more information about setting up the VNC server. However, since the server really only allows connections from the same device and most VNC clients can remember passwords, I think people are mostly good if they set a not-to-easy-to-guess password.

I’m afraid I’ve superseded your edits - but thanks - with some major updates. A major update is that there’s now a small script that will do all the set-up for you, so the process is

  • install Termux (and possibly Termux:Widget) from either F-Droid or GitHub
  • install a VNC client
  • Download a script and run it

No more editing files and all that jazz - almost point’n’click :smile:

Hopefully the mods will approve this edit soon.