runewars, blood bowl manager, mage knight, dungeoneer

Bonjour tout le monde,

Si vous êtes intéressés par l’un de ces 4 jeux, vous pouvez m’indiquer un horaire en soirée (suis français), je me ferai un plaisir de jouer contre vous. I would be a pleasure to play with you !

hi ! I am interested to play mage knight or MK:LL PBEM if you want.
see you !!

I would also join a MK or MK:LL PBEM game if that’s getting set up.

im interested in MK

we are 3 players ! waiting jerexdepier to begin a game. Send me private with your emails and I send you the begin file.

Post here your carather and type game choice !
All of you agree with MK:LL expansion?