Running Vassal On A Raspberry Pi 4?

I was wondering if anyone here runs Vassal on a Raspberry Pi 4 (or any other model)? If so how does Vassal run performance wise? Thanks!

A friend of mine was able to confirm that a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB (running Raspberry Pi OS) was able to run Vassal Beta4 with no issues. He also told me that Vassal performance was very good. I guess this update concludes this thread, thanks.

Wow! That seems an unusual application for a raspberry pi. I am very curious why the attempt.

I have been thinking of buying a Raspberry Pi for awhile now. Be that as it may I wasn’t sure what long term use I could use the Pi for aside from coding projects. It occurred to me that the Pi might make a good platform to run Vassal on so I started looking into the matter.

Sounds a bit back to front to me. You want to buy a Raspberry and you are trying to find a project to run on it. It flatters both that you can run VASSAL on a raspberry pi, but surely there must be something more exciting. I would slap VASSAL on whichever laptop or desktop PC was most convenient.

EDIT: Second thoughts I suppose it would enable you to host 2 seats in a live game. Not sure that would be worth the hassle though.