Running Vassal On A Raspberry Pi 4?

I was wondering if anyone here runs Vassal on a Raspberry Pi 4 (or any other model)? If so how does Vassal run performance wise? Thanks!

A friend of mine was able to confirm that a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB (running Raspberry Pi OS) was able to run Vassal Beta4 with no issues. He also told me that Vassal performance was very good. I guess this update concludes this thread, thanks.

Wow! That seems an unusual application for a raspberry pi. I am very curious why the attempt.

I have been thinking of buying a Raspberry Pi for awhile now. Be that as it may I wasn’t sure what long term use I could use the Pi for aside from coding projects. It occurred to me that the Pi might make a good platform to run Vassal on so I started looking into the matter.

Sounds a bit back to front to me. You want to buy a Raspberry and you are trying to find a project to run on it. It flatters both that you can run VASSAL on a raspberry pi, but surely there must be something more exciting. I would slap VASSAL on whichever laptop or desktop PC was most convenient.

EDIT: Second thoughts I suppose it would enable you to host 2 seats in a live game. Not sure that would be worth the hassle though.

There are lots of people running full desktop environments on the Pi 4, it doesn’t have to just be for be used for bizarre experiments anymore. :sunglasses:
I run Vassal games on mine and yes it is a good solution for running another instance with a friend in the same house.

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