Russia Besieged: Opponent Wanted

Looking for opponent on RB

Contact me at

Live play with voice over Whatsapp, Telegram or Discord

I would like to.
but I’m in 8th Time Zone (east). and my English is not so good…
but i have an improved vmod.

You can reach me at

No problem

I also have discord if it helps

I am not sure what 8th time zone is…what large city are you in or is close to you ?

I’m in Beijing.
And I’m not skilled at this game, I prefer to start with down fall scenario as German .
Is that ok for you.?

so you have +5 hours compared to me

yes a scenario is fine

I have opened up a room in vassal… you can join if you are available

how about this weekend? maybe an hour between 10:00and 15:00 at your time zone.

10 00 my time (15 00 yours) is fine

which version do you have ? I do not see set up for scenarios, only for the campaign

i made some improvement of the RB DE vmod. I add downfall scenario(can be find in playbook).
I’ll send you the files then.

Interested in playing PBEM.

Hi Belisarius

Pls contact me at so we can set up a game