Russian Front extended maps 1944 scenario

the instructions for the 1944 scenario are a bit confusing
oes anybody know of a clearer version available as a word/ pdf/ txt file?
what are the values of volksturm e.g. ?2-2-4 and does anybody use italian counters as proxies? when do they come on board?
does anybody really not give the germans any replacements?
what are soviet replacements?

not done vassal in a while
how do I get the counters up to place on board?

I just took a quick look at the module. The way the module is designed you need to play a scenario. The module designer has “hidden” the piece pool.

If you want a version of the module where you can freely toss pieces around without using the built-in scenario setups, it’s easy to do yourself:

  1. Right-click on the RF module in the VASSAL main menu and select Edit Module
  2. In the VASSAL Module Editor window find the entry named [Game Piece Palette] and double-click on it to open its property window
  3. Uncheck the box for Hidden?
  4. Save and close the module.
  5. Open it and start a new game - the piece palette will now be on the menubar.

thanks for the advice
I will try the edit suggestions
I did open the module and tried the non General scenario
why would the designer hide the pieces?
and can anybody make out the 1944 scenario instructions?

Developers restrict the piece palette in modules where you have generic pieces and there is a fixed limit.

That way the player isn’t allowed to have too many INF in play, for example.

It’s very easy to undo, just follow my directions. Can’t help you with the rest of it though.