S42, Dark Valley, NATO, Russia Besieged

…happy to play any of these


I just received Russia Besieged and have played Russian Campaign a long while ago. I would be interested if you were willing to start in a week or so.

Thank you

Rob Crumrine

Sure thing. The games are similar but do differ in certain respects. I am hardly an expert. My e-mail is dxmyekat@yahoo.com


    I am interested in a game for the Stalingrad 42. I read the rules but I have never played. I know how to play Holland 44 and I think they are quite similar but it has some small difference as combat in cities and breakthrough combat. Let me know, please.

I would be interested - sorry it took me so long to notice.

Hi. Which game would you like to play? My E-mail address is ramonalonso98@hotmail.com. Send me a message and we can decide what to do.

If you know Spanish, you can write to me in that language. I can understand it.

sorry, haven’t been on this site for a while. I’m currently in two games but would stay in touch in the future if/when I am free to play.