Saito & Vassal - In-Browser Game Engine and Integration

Hi Everyone,

I’m the lead developer of the Saito project and long-time Vassal user, and wanted to drop a line to share news of what I’ve been working on with in-browser gaming with Saito. Essentially, Saito is a boardgame system inspired by Vassal that is designed to run directly in people’s browsers. All of the code is on Github. You can check out the games online (

I’ve been following Vassal’s lead in terms of organizing game modules, and hoping we’ll have the chance to contribute back too — I’m hoping to put together a version of TI4, for instance. And once we have an implementation of gameplay logic coded in javascript, it should be pretty easy to port the games back to VASSAL.

Anyway, I hope you guys like what we are doing. Long-term, and especially once we get things like payment channels setup so that games can handle things like staking in bitcoin / ethereum, I think there will be a lot of fun things we can do to integrate with Vassal to offer things like paid games, decentralized leaderboards. Anyway, please come and check us out. VASSAL has always been a fantastic community and thoughts and advice are very welcome from everyone involved.

My 2 pennies:
Vassal is not likely to integrate with a pay to play system/games. Vassal has been free for 19 years so far and I imagine as long as the server exists it’ll be free for another 19. It is kept that way by the community with donations for the server to run
If the decentralized leaderboards were free that would be a nice addition though