Salerno '43 PBEM

HI there just got the game and would love to give it a go. I; am GMT -5 in Canada. As I have not played it yet busy playing FOF 2 so no room on the gaming table in my office lol.


@DasColonel I’m interested. This is my first game in this system, and I’ve been looking forward to it. I’m GMT -4 currently with daylight savings time.

HI there,

@dwalls70 What side would you like? I still need to read up on the rules. I have started them however.

@DasColonel I’m ok with either side, so you can pick if you have a preference. If not, I can take the Germans just to be on the defense. I’m reading the rules right now too. You can email me: david dot walls at gmail dot com and we can figure out the rest of the details.

HI there,

OK I will email you on gmail. mine is rrigelhof same as you.


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I would be interested in this. I have the game set up on my table, but have not played it yet. I have other games in the '4X system so it should not be too difficult. I am in theUK, which is currently GMT +1.

My e-mail is

Hey all –

I’m also interested in playing Salerno '43 PBEM.

I’ve played the short scenario once and mostly have the rules down. Although, I am new to the series.

I’m GMT -7 and would probably make my moves between 8pm and midnight my time. (That’s between 03:00 and 07:00 GMT). But I’m totally happy with one PBEM exchange a day.

@felix-seattle Feel free to drop me an email at the address above. I should have some time to start another game in a couple weeks or so

@dwalls70 Roger that!