Save File not retaining global properties

I put together a module that retains some characteristics, that are automatically tracked. The detail of the gameboard shows number of Keys Controlled, Resources, Preemption Status and Number of Cards. These are in Global Properties such as: numberFrenchSudCards (1 in this situation) and a dynammic property PremptValue (2 in this case and, thus, the Premption Marker is shown over the FrenchSud.). Preemption is based on a side have more cards than any other side; here, the FrenchSud has 1 card and all others have no card.

When this game is saved and then immediately loaded, the number of cards is set to zero (for all players) and of course the preemption status is set to no preemption (as all the values are equal, at 0). However, the FrenchSud still has a card in their hand. This resetting of the values to 0 for number of cards occurs for all players, regardless of the number of cards held by the other sides.

Any assistance would be appreciated, as I have no idea what is the cause.

In general, Global Properties are stored and restored from save files all the time by most modules with no problems, so we need to look at reasons why the value may be changing to 0,

Do you have a Startup Global Key Command that initiates any start-up actions on every Load of Session?

No Startup Global Key Commands in the module.

The PremptValue is only defined in the game piece, using the Dynamic Property traits. Should this also be included in the Global Properties tab?

I did just notice that Global Property numberFrenchSud cards is duplicated in the Global Properties section. I need to carefully review these and see if there are others. Perhaps this could be the issue?

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Okay, I found two others duplicated and now it seems to work. Boy, do I feel stupid.

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