Save Game As - Feature Request

When loading a game from a folder (e.g., C:\games\vassal\BKN Saves), Vassal does not appear to remember the location…

So after playing a turn or three and I want to Save As, I have to manually navigate to the correct folder location.

It would be a nice feature if Vassal would default to the same folder location a saved game was loaded from…

I am having trouble reproducing this problem with Save Games, but it is definitely a problem with Save As from the Module Editor. Can you confirm you have it with Save Games in the Player and list the exact steps to reproduce it?

Hi Brent -

The problem is only with “Save As” - I don’t use “Save” as I like to update the filename with the new date
Example: Load JohnDoeGame_20200612; Save As JohnDoeGame_20200620

So again, it’s only a problem that “Save As” doesn’t remember the folder location that the game was loaded from…

Is this still an issue with the current development build, VASSAL-3.5.0-SNAPSHOT-07e96c8cd, available here?

Never got a chance to test the 3.5.0snapshot, but it’s working as desired in 3.5.3.