Save player turn logfile over a few sessions?

Do you know if there is a way to log on and off over several sessions per single player turn when using VASSAL? My brother and I can work with a low counter density game in one ‘session’ but when we break out Case Blue or Hube’s pocket, we usually don’t have enough free time in one sitting to finish our turn before emailing it off. We’ve tried several times, but can’t seem to get more than one save. It’s as if the logfile gets deleted when we try to reopen and add to the logfile.
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Thus spake “Zocane”:

In 3.1 and earlier, what you need to do is start a log file after loading
your previous log file. Then step through to the end of your old log file.
This will cause all of the moves from the old log to be written into your
new log. From there, continue your moves and save the new log when you’re

Stepping through the old log can be kind of tedious; holding down PgDn
until you get through the old log will make this faster.

In 3.2, there will be some major changes to logging, so this whole dance
won’t be necessary anymore.


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