Saved playthroughs 'Here I Stand'


I am trying to learn ‘Here I Stand’. Can anyone tell me where I can find some saved playthroughs in Vassal I could upload in my consoles so as to go through it and have an idea how it is played.

Grateful for any help

In my experience, people don’t generously annotate their logfiles with explanations of the hows, whys, and wherefores–so I’m pretty skeptical of the teaching value even if you were to come across a full set of logs for a game.

A much better plan is to actually participate in a game! I can recommend the VASSAL PBEM Discord channel for this. Since the start of the pandemic, there have been many HIS games played to completion, many of them very welcoming to new players. There’s also a monthly list on Boardgamegeek where people seek players for newly-starting games, that could also be worth checking out.

There are some decent YouTube walkthroughs of the game as well.

thank you for the advice. I’ll have a look.

But I also am still interested in looking at a complete playthrough, which I could not find on YouTube.

the poem internet site looks quite overwhelming and I was not able to find a saved HIS game.

I’m not following what “poem internet site” means. The PBEM Discord link is a real-time chat site–it is a place people organize and play games. I did not intend to represent it as a place where you will find a tidy archive of logs/saved games to be downloaded. I follow this game quite closely and I’m very dubious that what you’re seeking exists. There are threads on BGG with pretty comprehensive blow-by-blow recaps of games for teaching purposes–that’s probably as close as you’ll get.

…sorry type error not poem but pbem. (automatic correction)

thank you very much for the information.

Is it possible to be spectator, while others are playing HIS online?

Sure, you could be in observer in any real-time games being conducted on the VASSAL server (it’s usually a nice courtesy to ask if the players mind).

On the Discord channel, there isn’t any real-time play, but you could bounce around the channels for various games (they aren’t private), monitor proceedings, ask questions, or download the logs as players create them for playback on your own.

thanks for the good advice

Where can I find the games that are currently running?

For VASSAL, you launch the program, then Tools → Server Status to see what games people have open on the VASSAL server at any given moment.

In the previously-linked Discord group, all games are given their own channel, with existing channels arranged in a vertically scrolling list along the left. The one ongoing game is in #390-here-i-stand