Saving Extensions in 3.2.2 is causing freeze

Hi, everything has worked well enough in 3.2.2 but I’m having trouble editing Extensions or more specifically, in saving them. I depress the Save button and it never “undepresses,” it just freezes. Changes I make in the Extension can’t be saved as it is right now.

Windows 7
Samsung Laptop
Vassal 3.2.2
Java 7, I appear to have Update 9

The module I’m playing with is Star Wars Epic Duels, SWED3-2

Let me know if I’m missing something.

Hey roman, I am having the exact same issue with Vassal 3.2.2 (editing Star Wars Epic Duels). I can create an extension and do as much editing in it as I want, and it will save fine the first time. Every subsequent time I open the extension to edit it, no matter if I make any changes or not, when I click Save or Save As the entire program will lock up and I am forced to End Process the program through Windows Task Manager. Very frustrating, for sure. Hopefully this is just a bug and will be fixed.

I think you may have replied in the wrong thread, truman. :mrgreen:

Any dev input on this yet?

Thus spake Rydiak:

Any dev input on this yet?

Don’t expect anything from me until I have internet access at home
again, which should be in a few days. Otherwise, someone else might
reply before that.


Did some testing. If I add a new extension to the SW:ED module I get the exact same problem with resaving/save as after initial creation, however doing the same thing to any other module results in the new extension saving and editing and resaving correctly without problem.

This appears to be a module specific problem, but what the cause is right now I’m not sure. There is no custom code here so can rule that out. All the files look good - nothing is being set to read only or locked out. And unfortunately there is nothing in the log either…

Aha - Corruption. The Base module zip appears to be corrupt. Here is your fix - edit the base module, make it version 3.2.1 or something new and save it with a different file name. Then create your extension under the new module version. You can now reedit and save your extension as much as you like.

Unfortunately this means that the module creator of SW:ED 3.2 also needs to address the base module corruption for all users unless you upload your version as the current one to use

Thanks for the quick replies, uckelman and Tim M! I just tried what Tim M said and yep, it works! Funny how such a small thing could cause such a big headache for extension makers. Time to upload a new SWED module now. :mrgreen: