Saving Mid-Turn without losing logfile?

New to Vassal, and so I am still working out some of the logistics.
I wonder if there is a way to save a game mid logfile and then take it up the next day when you fire up your computer? I am a very slow gamer and most of the games I play, I take several physical hours per turn and so I have to break it into 3 or 4 sessions. I used to just leave VASSAL open,which was fine, but now for some reason, VASSAL has been causing a shut down late in the night (I’ll figure that out later), so if I do a vsav at the end of a session, and reopen that vsav, all my notes and moves are gone. I can start another logfile, but then, if I don’t finish the turn, I have to vsav again, and again with no notes/moves recorded.

there are a lot of larger, multi map games out there so I imagine there is some remedy other than having to start and end logfiles multiple times during a turn and to have to send your opponent (I game PBEM) several logfiles.

Great forum by the way.

bump, I have the same question

From what I’ve read, the answer is to close the logfile, exit, then resume by opening the new .vlog and stepping through to the end of it, and resume playing. Correct?

Look in the Tools menu for Load Log, Fast Forward, and Append.

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