Saviour of France

Un héros est nécessaire!

We are currently towards the end of the second turn of a PBEM game of Here I Stand (500th anniversary edition). Unfortunately our french player has had some personal issues and is unable to continue the game. We otherwise have 5 active and enthusiastic players so it would be a real disappointment to us if we had to abandon the game. I’m not going to sugar coat it - France is in a rough spot, while they have a strong standing army they have been outmanoeuvred in their war against the ascendant Hapsburgs and have lost Milan. Still they have a favourable diplomatic situation and an experienced player still has many opportunities to turn their situation around. If this scenario interests you and you are willing to help us out, please check the attached file, this is the last vlog showing our current game state and contact me directly.

Please help us Vassal, you are our only hope!