scs games by gamers

want to play scs games.will learn different games.


am open to scs games, as they are fairly easy to play. Am new to Vassal though but would like to give it a test!
Have Op Michael and Bastogne, both as game and module, Stalingrad pocket as game, as well as Guadalajara.

Lars W/ Dubai

I have Yom Kippur , Afrika and Stalingrad Pocket. I would play either of the first two with you.

Hello folks my name is Dean. I live in the west coast ( SoCal) and would be interested in playing a game live of Bastogne. I am relatively new to Vassal and have only played the Commands and Colors ancients module with folks live. I have played the first scenario of Bastogne once (solo), and the second scenario three times(solo). If you are new to Vassal or the SCS system I do not mind. My schedule is pretty open since I am unemployed now and looking for a job.