Searching opponent to WW2 Barbarossa to Berlin

Hi comrades!
We are searching mate to play this great game.If anyone interested please send me e-Mail to and we speak…
I am from Valencia,Spain.

Kind regards!!


PD:Sorry for my bad english :cry:

Can play but only PBEM using vassal and acts for dice and cards. Let me know if interested. I think your English is great by the way. ( I speak no Spanish )

Hi JUNO44,
thanks to response comrade.I want to play in “person”.With acts game is too long…No posible stay both?

sorry perhaps another time.

Ok JUNO44.Thanks anyway…
Kind regards,


No one? :frowning: :frowning:

see our game would have been over by now , 8)

Hehehe…maybe…It seems that this game is not highly played :frowning: