Second Screen Solution?

In a recent game of Triumph and Tragedy, I ran into a problem with my screen in that seeing everything going on on the map was impossible without window-swapping (which is not at al easy on this engine). As it turned out both my opponents had two-monitor setups and were able to use the second screen for their player aids. I won the game anyway through audacity and favorable dice, but otherwise I ws at a severe disadvantage.

I can buy a second monitor on the used market, but the problem is that I simply don’t have space for one. So, is there a way to compensate that will still let me use a single monitor to play along with the plyer aids and still see the map?

My initial reaction is that switching the active window is a feature of your windowing system, not of Vassal (e.g., Alt-Tab will do this in many windowing systems)—which suggest to me that I haven’t understood the problem you’re having. Could you explain further?