Secret/delayed Dice Roll Ability

Is there a way, that you can have a secret Dice roll ability?

As in the delayed msgs, but have it for dice. When the dice roll is needed, it can be revealed to show what it was.

Just like the msgs, but with dice?


No, not yet, but it is an excellent idea.

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Technically you can do this. Its just not intuitive

When dice are rolled the dice properties are set to the last roll of the
dice button “x”
Depending on how many secret rolls you need to make, store the dice
properties results in GP’s or DP’s through a sequence using a Button or GKC
(See some of the dice mod examples how to pass dice properties)

Another button / sequence is added that a player can execute to report the
value of the GP / DP when the time is necessary.

If you want to actually show it, you could be fancy and do it by having an
invisible piece for each player side that has layers or a text label which
follows the GP / DP that they can reveal

Something to consider - if dice are needed (say a 2d6) which shows and
reports results normally but you also need it for secret rolls, just add
another 2d6 dice trait with no menu text/button that does not report the
result which your sequence will activate via hotkey and depend on instead

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I forgot to add

Using this method, to prevent cheating (i.e player keeps making secret roll
till they get result they want) you also need to add a GP or DP that
monitors the sequence execution with a true / false property setting and a
restriction trait. It starts as false until player executes the sequence
which changes this GP / DP to true. The restriction trait prevents rolling
the secret roll again via property filter (GP / DP = true) until the secret
roll is revealed at which time it changes this DP / GP back to false again.

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On Aug 23, 2008, at 4:08 AM, JC Locke wrote:

Depending on how often you need this, you may also be able to
substitute drawing a card from a deck and revealing it later.

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