Seeking 1 for Here I Stand with prior experience


I have rounded up five people to play Here I Stand via VASSAL. We are looking for one more player before we begin. All of us have some HIS/VQ experience and have played at least one game together already on VASSAL (so I know the players are reasonably fast to take their turns and are nice people).

A prospective player should:

  • have at least some experience with Here I Stand. Preferably you have several live and/or VASSAL games under your belt.
  • be able to take your turn within about 2 days of it coming up
  • be a decent person (good sportsmanship, considerate of others)

I look forward to hearing from you and playing a fun game of HIS.


Ciao Steve,

I’m Stefano Cuccurullo from Italy and I played 7-8 HIS games so far, mostly as Protestant. I love to win but most of all I prefer to have fun by playing. I think the best way to reach this goal is to use the VASSAL module only (no ACTS for die/dice rolling): it is very well done.
Have a nice week,