Seeking 2 players for 5p game of 1812: Invasion of Canada

I am seeking players to join in an introductory scenario and then campaign game of 1812 - the Invasion of Canada, via Vassal (3.2.2+).

With only 6 pages of rules, 1812:TIOC is quick to learn and in terms of f2f, plays in less than two hours. I am proposing to run this as a PBEM Vassal game, so will run over a period of weeks, the number depending on how quickly players execute their turns.

Jeff McAleer from the Gaming Gang (a fave podcast of mine) considers this one of his favourite games:

"1812: The Invasion of Canada is going to generate a lot of buzz and I’ll say right here and now that it will certainly be an entry on many historical game of the year award ballots!

Pros: Simple yet elegant design easily taught in five minutes; Players stay involved and gameplay moves quickly; Nice historical flavor

Cons: Might be a bit light for heavy wargamers"

For a full complement of 5 players, 2 become the American factions and 3 the British factions (including the Native Americans). Allies are encouraged in the game to discuss their cards and strategies…and to, well…act like Allies. Teams win, not individuals.

Volunteering to participate in the game brings expectations that you will play your turn reasonably promptly (within 2-3 days of receiving it) and generally be able to maintain this pace. Notification of longer absences may be made. However, the factional nature of the game means that one of your allies may be able to conduct your turn on your behalf.

The intent is to run a short introductory game, then to do a full campaign. Factions will be allocated randomly. I have never played the game myself, but read the rules in about 30 mins without any probs.

Currently, we have 3 Aussie players - all new to the game - undergoing musket training.

Who else is in?

Thanks for considering!

Hello , I am just reading over rules and would like to join game. I have lots of vassal experiance and play very regularly.


Hi! Can i join in?

OK, you guys are in! I will contact you directly soon with further details.

I think it makes a lot of sense for you two to go the American and American militia players respectively. We three here in West Australia will be the British, the Canadian militia and the Native Americans. All being in the same time zone should help game play.
More soon and thanks for your interest!

sounds ok to me .

Hi Pettermct,
We are ready to start playing and just need your email address. Please contact me. The die roll has handed you the American Regulars.